My name is Anne-Marie. Do Your Thing is my personal vision and driving force in life. I also believe it’s my gift to the world. I like to inspire people to find and do their thing, even more so finding out what’s holding them back. To see people live their lives to the fullest is my ultimate pleasure and goal. Because no matter where you come from, life is too short to just be unhappy.

A few things you should know about me

  • I grew up in the area of Leuven (Belgium).
  • I’ve been playing music since I was 6 years old. I played classical piano, clarinette, rock guitar and drums. I’m now playing jazz and blues on piano.
  • After studying coding and Webmaster at MediaCentrum KULeuven, I made my first website in 2001. I worked on webdesign projects for big brands in an internet agency, a few independent web projects for KULeuven (dienst Studieadvies, dienst Communicatie) and then started working for myself for all kinds of businesses.
  • In 2008, I thought I could just as well take my laptop and travel while working. I started collaborating with other entrepreneurs and freelancers, which gave me more freedom to work location indepent and travel, and I also got myself back at the university to study an old interest, psychology.
  • As a psychologist I’m now running another location independent business called Do Your Thing!, dedicated to helping others by means of the practice of positive psychology to the find their thing and guiding/mentoring them on how to turn their passion into (location independent) businesses.
  • The times are always changing and we cannot control this, but now there has never been a better time to ‘do your thing’ and write your own script of life! That also means you’ll be more motivated and able to give the best of yourself to the world!

Positive psychology for better living

As a psychologist at Do Your Thing!, I’d like to give you a flavour of positive psychology, inspire you to travel more, help you to write your own script in life and overall have a more adventurous life way out of your comfort zone, where you can grow and develop yourself into the person you want to become – or always were.

Positive psychology is a relatively new branch of psychology. The focus of positive psychology is on personal growth rather than on pathology, as is common among older frameworks within psychology and used in psychotherapy. It’s the scientific study of what makes life worth living. Positive psychology adds an emphasis on positive human development. It’s as concerned with strength as with weakness, as interested in happiness as in sadness. It’s interested in healing and growing.

Although “positive”, I didn’t want the baseline of Do Your Thing to be “positive psychology for a good life”, but rather “positive psychology for better living”:

  • Because our focus should not be on the destination (“a good life”), but on the road (“better living along the way”).
  • Because life will never be perfect and there’s always room for improvement.
  • Because to grow is to make mistakes, and that’s okay.
  • Because if we don’t make mistakes, we are hardly learning anything.
  • Because sometimes it’s okay not to grow and taking a moment (a few days, weeks, months, maybe years) to just stand still.
  • Because good days have common features: feeling autonomous, competent, and connected to others.
  • Because people want to be happy. And better living can be taught.
  • Because happiness leads to desirable outcomes at school, work, your social relationships, even to good health and a long life.
  • Because money makes an ever-diminishing contribution to well-being, unless it is spent on other people.
  • Because the heart matters the most. Schools explicitly teach critical thinking, but should also learn unconditional caring.
  • Because better living is hard work, and there are no shortcuts.
  • Because ultimately don’t we all just want to do our thing?
  • What’s your thing?

To give you an idea of what a coaching session at Do Your Thing looks like and to see if we are a good match to work together, FIRST CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL on AM@doyourthing.eu!